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Pekin Bantam Breeder

what the experts say - are they really that great?...

The first Pekin Bantams are said to have been stolen from a private collection held by the emperor of China in Peking around 1864. Another story states they were imported from China around 1831-1840 and were presented to .
Pekin Bantam Breeder has Pekins for sale in Australia, Victoria
The Pekin is a very gentle bird. They are good layers of small eggs but are broody, making them great mums. They make excellent pets for children as they are tame. They settle very well and require little space. Pekins can look rather pale and anaemic if not allowed on grass to forage. They tend not to scratch around in flower beds so are good birds to keep in an urban garden. They are normally a robust and long-lived bird that loves company.

what I said...

Pekins were the first bantam that i owned.  I loved there feathered feet & big round bottoms.  They are friendly & tend to go broody also - although not as often as Silkies.  I have some girls that have never gone broody.  They are great for the backyard - I had them wondering around my garden, they don't tend to destroy the garden like the bigger breeds.

Pekin Bantam Rooster

Pekins come in many colours, I like my birds to be pure colours - focusing on blue, black, splash & buff.

Chickens are cool.