Audition for a chance to feature your recipe on the show!


AUDITION now for your chance to feature your favorite poultry recipe on the show.

  • 1. Read The Instructions

    Read the full instructions. Then, record your audition.

  • 2. Name, Email & Phone

    Enter your first and last name, your best email, and the best phone number to contact you.

  • 3. Name Of Your Dish

    Enter the name of your dish.

  • 4. Record Your Audition

    Use your phone or your webcam and record your video  30 SEC or less.

    Here is your script:

    "HI SCHATAR, my name is ______. My favorite poultry dish is _________.  These are the ingredients you will need to make it:_______________.  Enjoy!"

    Click "RECORD VIDEO" to start. Click ALLOW for you camera and mic. (Once you've finished recording, give your video time to upload. Make sure it is fully uploaded before clicking Submit.)

  • 5. Submit Your Video

    Once complete, check the box after reading terms of use then click "SUBMIT MY AUDITION RECIPE VIDEO".


Record your audition HERE!

Enter here for a chance to be featured on the show with your favorite Poultry recipe.

Record your audition video HERE on the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM on this page.

(If on your PHONE, enter your info, then click the grey bar below that says "RECORD OR SELECT A FILE". This will open your camera to record your audition.)

Poultry Princess Official Entry Form

Now's your time to shine. Record your video for a chance to be featured on the show.
  • Click to start recording your video.
  • By clicking this box, you agree to our terms of use found at Once checked, click SUBMIT MY AUDITION RECIPE VIDEO.


Video Tips

Here are tips to record your recipe video.


Good Lighting

Make sure we can see you clearly.  Put a lamp in front of you (but behind the camera) if you need more light.


Good Sound

Make sure we can hear you clearly without a lot of background noise or music.


Great Recipe

Every good meal starts with a delicious recipe. Make it great! Once you have recorded your poultry recipe audition video, click "Submit My Audition Recipe Video".