Poultry Princess Pineapple Mint Lemonade

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Oh yes, this one has made my guests say yasss.

Poultry Princess Pineapple Mint Lemonade

Here are your ingredients:

  • 3 Pineapple spears
  • 6 sprigs of mint
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 liter of spring water
  • Turbinado sugar (sweeten to taste)
  • Ice

Get To It – How To Do It

  • Put 6 ounces of spring water in your blender
  • Squeeze your lemons into a separate bowl.
  • Remove your lemon seeds from the juice.
  • Pour your lemon juice into the blender.
  • Add your pineapples into the blender
  • Place 6 sprigs of fresh mint leaves into the blender
  • Add enough water to your blender to cover your ingredients
  • Blend well.
  • Add turbinado sugar to taste.
  • Blend again.

Pour over ice into your glass.

Enjoy with a smile.

Tip Of The Day – I make my blended mixture concentrated with additional fruit so that I can mix it or dilute it with spring water. This way it can also serve more people and still be sweetened to taste.

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