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Poultry Princess shares healthy meals on The Doctors!

Most people love to be able to grab a favorite, delicious snack.  In this segment, Schatar shares healthy microwave meals on The Doctors, some of which can be cooked in a speedy 5 minutes.  Enjoy the segment. Click the picture to play.  You can also, grab the Poultry Princess Cookbook #1 for yourself and try the recipes right at home. Visit

Enjoy Season 2 of
Poultry Princess the TV series!

Tune into season 2 on Poultry Princess! The team is touring hot chicken restaurants around the country to taste some of the most delicious foods in your area! We are on the hunt for the hottest “Nashville Hot Chicken” in town. For this, they sample three restaurants, Helen’s, Deezie’s, and Prince’s Hot Chicken and taste to see who’s got the best hot chicken.

Still for the next season we are featuring Tele-chefs who share their recipe videos. Look forward to more innovative recipes from Tele-Chefs like Stuffed Duck with Apples courtesy of Dorota. Stay tuned for more exciting, easy to make poultry recipes you can cook for your family!

Are you a great cook, or know a great cook? Audition to have YOUR recipe featured on the show at:

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